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What are architectural windows?

Many fundamental differences exist between mass-produced windows that label themselves ‘architectural’ and actual architectural windows. These differences profoundly affect aesthetics, functionality, and, of course, price.

Architectural windows, specific to the style and design of a home, offer numerous advantages over mass-market windows. They are custom-made to meet an architect’s exact specifications, allowing choice of color, wood or metal type, window shape, and hardware. They offer numerous key benefits over standard windows.

Key advatages of architectural windows

Energy efficiency: High-grade materials with superior fit and finish enhance energy efficiency. These hand-crafted windows can be designed and built for the region of installation.

Superior materials: All the materials used in these custom windows must pass stringent quality control specifications during each phase of manufacture. From the selection of materials, glass, and hardware, everything must rise above tolerances that most consider normal.

Fully customizable: The manufacturer and architect can custom-build and specify every part of these windows. Roll shades, glass types, hardware materials, wood, and more.

Architects who specify superior-grade architectural windows turn to a small cadre of manufacturers specializing in meeting their rigorous demands.

Do architects design windows?

Yes, many architects design windows to preserve the aesthetic look of a home, maximize viewing space and compliment interior designs.

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Architectural window installation, East Hamtpon, NY.

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