Architectural Door Restoration

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Door Restoration: Preserving the Character of a Home

While we pride ourselves on crafting fine architectural doors, in some cases, it’s necessary to undertake a full or partial restoration of a door. The homeowner of the door in these pictures asked us to preserve the door for aesthetic and emotional reasons. We were happy to oblige and looked forward to the challenge.

  • The veneer on the front of the door had shown its age; it was split in numerous places and suffered from elemental degradation. We carefully removed the veneer, paying particular attention to protecting and maintaining the integrity of the top glass insert area. Once removed, we leveled and cleaned the mounting surface and laid a new veneer. Since this was a Dutch-style door, it was critical that we grain-matched the veneer for a smooth top-to-bottom transition.
  • The veneer on the interior surface only showed minor wear and tear from age, so we filled, leveled, and repaired it as necessary, preserving as much of the original veneer as possible.
  • All door edges were restored and replaced with new white oak edging to ensure proper hardware and door fit. Old hardware recesses and gaps were filled and repaired as necessary.
  • The original black hinges were restored, refinished, and modified to fit correctly and work with modern hardware.
  • Once complete, the entire door underwent an intense sanding and finishing process.

This was a very satisfying project for the entire team, and we’re happy to say the homeowner was thrilled with the final result.

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